Term 1 Academic & School Values Awards

Earlier today, a whole school assembly was staged in the PLHS Gymnasium to acknowledge the fine Term 1 efforts and achievements of many students. The ceremony was conducted by Deputy Principal Mrs Lesley Warren and opened with an Acknowledgement of Country from Miss Nicole Carter. PLHS Principal Mr Todd George delivered a thoughtful address to the students, as did our 2021 Principal Student Leaders Ned Moxey and Ursula Clarke.

Academic Award certificates were presented to Year 8, 9 and 10 students by Middle School Assistant Principal Mr Craig Curtis, with Senior School Assistant Principal Miss Bambi Britten handing out awards to the Year 11’s and 12’s. School Values Awards were then given to a select group of students who had been nominated by staff for upholding our new school values of Responsible, Respectful & Inclusive – these were presented by Principal Mr Todd George and Students Leaders Ursula Clarke and Ned Moxey.

Congratulations to all of today’s recipients.


A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student of the school. A GPA score of 4 indicates an A grade for each subject. There are two categories of Academic Awards:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Term 1 subjects
  • Meritorious Effort awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Term 1 subjects

Year 12 Academic Excellence Awards:

Zoe Pomeroy, Ursula Clarke, Ashlee Cocks, Tayla Hebberman, Emily Berryman

Year 12 Meritorious Effort Awards:

Shauna Little, Imogen McGown, Dannen Blacker, Deanna Henderson, Ellie Akehurst, Mardia Enge, Meti Ford, Ellie Spithas, Darcee Azzopardi, Lochlan Ward, Declan Roberson, Rivva Rayfield, Alysha Gurney, Liefja Branford, Talia Wilkes

Year 11 Academic Excellence Awards:

Nell Cane, Chloe Poel, Peter Kapnistis, Liela Phillips

Year 11 Meritorious Effort Awards:

Monique Rayfield, Mitchell Paterson, Zoe Proude, Lochie Day, Kairi Schafer, Sasha Collett, Cate Pearce, Clayton Hall, Lilly Jenkins, Ashton Leech, Jason Hennessy, Lachlan Sampson

Year 10 Academic Excellence Awards:

Taya Watherston, Amelia Stevens, Denise Sadiwa, Lucy Bennie, Charli Barrowcliff, Lily Miranda, Amali Hirschausen, Eliza Hartwich, Saranda Edwards, Jemma Rawling, Grace Thomas, Kit West, Shana Pomeroy, Mia Speed

Year 10 Meritorious Effort Awards

Angelia Christian, Mikayla MacCuspie, Charlie Day, Ella Thomson, Ebony Plane, Bradley Jacob, Jake Wendland, Jayden Kotz, Meg Wright, Esther Scott, Kesi Webster, Kade Mullins, Sharnee Silberschneider, Summer Retallick-Blackberry, Nathaniel Hirschausen-Burk, Ella Campbell

Year 9 Academic Excellence Awards:

Ahmari Guamen, Prapti Pai, Benjaman Gabb, Zali Phillips, Georgina Millard, Luke Pearce, Jessica Woolford, Erin McMillan, Sky Weir, Piper Wilkes, Maddison Lowe, Kalea Siegert, Tayah Liffner, Seth Kayser

Year 9 Meritorious Effort Awards:

Liam Fuss, Cian Turner, Rylee Marks, Amy Ward, Nina (Du) Liwenjie, Keely Wiseman, Phillip Haereroa-Rogers, Kody Aistrope, Phoebe Edmonds, Paige Holland, Isabelle Stutzer, Acacia Boyce, Riley Bell, Shayden Beljon, Aaron Little, Izabella Wicks, Ashley Durdin, Jaxon McDonnell

Year 8 Academic Excellence Awards:

Evan Lukin, Bonnie Silberschneider, Kayla Stewart, Sarah Gibson, Maia Abbott, Taj Williams, Ella Wiseman, Caitlin Cole, Macie Claughton, Liam Akehurst, Max Rodda, Fletcher Beard, Holly Phillis, Delta Proude, Tylah Hollett, Zade Hearfield, Starr Pedersen, Lilly Durdin

Year 8 Meritorious Effort Awards:

Jett Clements, Jevan Ambrose, Sophie Lang, Hudson Saunders, Torr Clarke, Lieesha Bejah-Stuart, Toby Turner, Will West, Monique Farr, Chelsea Barnes, William Nagel, Georgia Palm, Jordan Tothill, Aliki Kapnistis, Max Mitchelson, Sophie Jamieson, Charlotte Roberts, Cameron Sellen, Kobe Dodd, Candice Colls, Zachary Kemp, Tygh Te Wano, Macy Hall, Talisha Fiore, Charlie Monaghan, Ethan Icasas, Tayla Wilson, Lucas Paterson, Mitchell DeRon, Lacey McMahon, Jordan Webster


We recognise the following students from each year level who uphold Port Lincoln High School’s values of Responsible, Respectful & Inclusive:

Year 12 School Values Awards:

L-R: Ashlee Cocks, Darcee Azzopardi, Joshua Broad

Year 11 School Values Award:

Mitchell Paterson

Year 10 School Values Awards:

L-R: Summer Retallick-Blackberry, Latrell Miller, Nathalia Mildwaters, Elayja Dawe

Year 9 School Values Awards:

L-R: Christopher Berryman, Erin McMillan, Hannah Hentsel-Gage, Kenisha Bilney, Joseph Hawke

Year 8 School Values Awards:

L-R: Dean Retallick, Max Mitchelson (absent: Holly Phillis, Lachlan Clements)

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