Tahlia Nominated for State Cookery Team

Earlier today, we were delighted to receive the following communication from Ms. Emma Handford, the Department for Education’s Student Pathways & Careers Team Leader (Regional)...

“I am excited to let you know that (Year 11 PLHS student) Tahlia Weir will be nominated for our inaugural South Australian VETis World Skills Team. We would like to congratulate Tahlia on this nomination. She placed 3rd across the state from the four Cookery Competitions held.

The South Australian Team will compete in Melbourne between the 17th – 19th of August next year. The team will consist of two students in the Carpentry competition area and three students in the Cookery competition area. There will be financial support and mentoring available to support Tahlia attend the Nationals. More information and communication will be sent in the new year to Tahlia and the school.

Once again congratulations to Tahlia.”

As PLHS Student Pathways Leader Ms. Tiff Evans explains, the World Skills Cookery Competition was held for all students completing a Certificate in Kitchen Operations or Cookery across the state. The results were then compared, with two students from Heathfield High School coming in first and second, and our own Tahlia third!

Many thanks to Jeremy Hartwich from TAFE SA and PLHS Food & Hospitality teacher Mrs. Monique Rogalski for their expertise and support. Go Tahlia!

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