Suzy & Chloe Collaborate to Create “Presley”

Earlier this week, PLHS was delighted to receive a visit from local balloon artist Suzy Woolford from Balloon Cartoons. Suzy had been invited into our new Specialist Building to collaborate on a project with Year 12 Design student Chloe Poel.

For her first major practical piece, Chloe has elected to design a promotional poster for this year’s Port Lincoln Show. One of her promising concepts involves photographing a balloon animal version of a creature that is significant to this area – after considering various sea life including fish, prawns and sharks, Suzy and Chloe decided to attempt a Port Lincoln parrot.

Within 45 minutes, Suzy had converted a pile of deflated coloured balloons into “Presley the Parrot“, a handsome fellow named after his distinctive Elvis-style hairdo. It was an absolute pleasure to have Suzy on site and witness her perform her balloon magic; Chloe is thrilled with the finished product, and has already taken a series of photos of Presley for use in her promotional designs.

We can’t thank Suzy enough for sharing her time and expertise with us – please keep an eye out for Chloe’s artwork (featuring Presley, of course) in the coming weeks.

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