Success at Mixed Basketball Carnival


On Tuesday September 11th, twenty Year 10 boys and girls, accompanied by Miss Stewart, Ms Sawyer and Nicole Carter, travelled to Navigator College to compete in a Mixed Basketball competition. Impressively, PLHS managed to fill three teams for the competition with many of our students eager to play.

Our Port Lincoln 2 team combined very well as a team, sharing the ball around to ensure that each player hit the scoreboard. Throughout the day they were challenged by various teams, but went through undefeated to finish first in Division 1.

Port Lincoln 1 started the day well, beating the Port Lincoln 3 team by one point. Displaying good team spirit, they managed to beat every other team except Port Lincoln 2. The students all agreed that one of the highlights of the day was watching Dakotah Craig’s celebration after he drained a great three-point shot.

Port Lincoln 3 experienced a slow start to the competition, losing their first two games. As the day went on however, their ability to get their teammates involved grew. They finished the day strongly, claiming first place in Division 2.

The day was a huge success and was enjoyed by all participating students and staff. Our students played with passion and pride for the school, with many chipping in to assist with scoring and umpiring duties.

~ Ms Mikaela Sawyer (Accompanying Teacher)

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