Students Learn From Local Artist

Students in our Aboriginal Art program and senior Visual Art classes enjoyed a wonderful experience in the Nautilus Arts Centre yesterday – not only did they get to view Timothy Coote’s amazing “Landscape Seascape” exhibition, but they also had the opportunity to hear from the artist himself.

At a series of informal presentations in the gallery space, Tim encouraged our students to ask questions about his arts practice and current exhibition. He responded by covering a wide range of topics on art, careers and life in general, delivering many words of wisdom for our students to contemplate – hard work, connection and sharing were key points that Tim emphasised to help foster positive outcomes.

A former Port Lincoln High School student, Tim provided insights into the world beyond and how travel and studying overseas has provided him with countless opportunities. Upon moving back to Port Lincoln, Tim has tapped into his local environment to create stunning artworks of the Eyre Peninsula in oil paint.

Over the coming weeks, our students will work on producing various types of landscapes, with Tim’s work providing inspiration for the development of their own creative processes. Tim will again share his skills and knowledge next Wednesday (March 20th), this time with a practical workshop at the school with a select group of senior Visual Art students.

We wish to sincerely thank Tim for generously sharing his art expertise with our students. We also highly encourage the local community to view “Landscape Seascape” in the Nautilus Arts Centre before April 13th.

~ Mrs Annette Kelson (Visual Arts Teacher)

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