Students Give Staff a Softball Lesson

On Thursday March 28th, my Stage 2 Integrated Learning class challenged the brave (and perhaps a little overconfident) staff to a game of softball. The students were a bit worried, but needn’t have been – they smashed it!

We played three innings before a run was scored, but in the fourth, Cohen Dinnison stepped up to nail a home run (on errors). This opened the floodgates; there was no coming back for the staff. In a culmination of what they had learned during the unit of work, the Integrated Learning class produced a wonderful display of teamwork, resilience and good fun.

For the staff, special mentions go to Shantelle Pickett (the only staff member who really knew how to play), Mikaela Sawyer (and her legs), Jeremy Hartwich (and his outstanding umpiring), Caitlin Randall (who will apparently attempt a win at all costs), Boyd West (for a spectacular catch), and Yasmin Stewart, Kesby Turner-Wiebreck, Craig Curtis, Jasmine Woldt, Gavin Walding and Shannon Nagel for their determined efforts.

~ Mrs Joh Walding (Integrating Learning Teacher)

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