Student Leaders Inducted at WHOLE School Assembly

In order to induct our 2023 Student Representative Council and House Captains, a whole school assembly was staged earlier today in the school’s Gymnasium – not only was this event an opportunity to recognise our student leaders in our centenary year, it marked the first occasion in several (COVID-affected) years that we have had the entire school population together in one room; this included our sixth year level (the Year 7’s).

The proceedings was compered by Deputy Principal Mr. Craig Akehurst, who officially welcomed staff and students to our first formal gathering for the year. An Acknowledgement of Country was delivered by Year 11 student Dre Vlassco, before Principal Mr Todd George delivered a wide-ranging Principal’s Address. As well as assisting with the badge/certificate ceremony, our 2023 Principal Student Leaders – Nathaniel Hirschausen-Burk and Denise Sadiwa – delivered a thoughtful speech to the student body.

Having previously been elected by their peers, each student leader was then individually announced and presented with a certificate and badge of office. The SRC reps were introduced by Miss Bambi Britten, with Mr. Craig Curtis and Miss Yasmin Stewart doing the honours for the House Captains.

Congratulations to our 2023 student leaders (pictured below) and their proud families – we wish you well in your execution of these important roles.


L-R: Naomi Wells, Toby Harris, Byron Phillis & Lotti Curtis

L-R: Dwyatt Miskin, Jye Hearfield, Evie Gamlin, Abbey Francis & Alexis Anderson

L-R: Rhianna Letton, Elke Thomas, Larissa Johnson & Airlie Hartwich (Absent: Noah Ness)

L-R: Liam Akehurst, Timmy Dennis & Ellie Makuch (Absent: Mikayla Edwards)

L-R: Prapti Pai & Kenisha Bilney (Absent: Seth Kayser)

L-R: Nadine Richards – TLC, Montanah Elvey – TLC & Myles Jarvis – Year 12 (Absent: Johannes Brendel – Year 12)


L-R: Lucas Davids, Billy Scholz, Taylor Dodd, Luke Ellis, Oli Stevens, Tayah Liffner & Lani Cocks (Absent: Amelia Stevens)

L-R: Josh Burford, Byron Phillis, Ellie Makuch, Kaden Durdin, Timothy Dennis, Clifford Warrior & Archer Appleton (Absent: Evie Wiseman)

L-R: Jett Clements, Lotti Curtis, Jemimah Branford, Isla Nagel, Brad Jacobs, Jye Hearfield & Charlie Day (Absent: Jimmy Johnson)

L-R: Deppler Clarke, Evie Gamlin, Connor Madden, Isabella Underdown, Nadia Rusden, Noah Connolly, Kade Mullins, Ruby Gamlin & Siann Cross

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