Student Leaders for 2021 Inducted at Assembly

In order to induct our House Captains and members of our Student Representative Council for 2021, a whole school assembly was staged earlier today in the school’s Gymnasium.

The occasion was compered by Deputy Principal Mrs Lesley Warren, who officially welcomed staff and students to our first formal gathering for the year. An Acknowledgement of Country was delivered by Year 8 student Ellie Makuch, before Principal Mr Todd George explored the theme of leadership during his Principal’s Address.

Having previously been elected by their peers, each student leader was then individually announced and presented with a certificate and badge of office. House Captains were introduced by Miss Yasmin Stewart, with Mrs Lenny Woods doing the honours for the SRC. As well as assisting with the badge/certificate ceremony, our Principal Student Leaders for 2021 – Ursula Clarke and Ned Moxey – delivered a thoughtful speech to the student body.

Congratulations to our student leaders for 2021 (pictured below) – we wish you well in these important roles.


Eyre House: Back row (L-R): Amelia Stevens (Senior Girls Vice Captain), Lochlan Ward (Senior Boys Vice Captain) & Diezel Cronin (Junior Boys Vice Captain). Front Row (L-R): Tayah Liffner (Junior Girls House Captain), Darcee Azzopardi (Senior Girls House Captain) & Holly Gurney (Junior Girls Vice Captain). Absent: Toby Wright (Senior Boys House Captain) & Jaylen Cocks (Junior Boys House Captain).

Flinders House: Back row (L-R): Jack Wells (Senior Boys Vice Captain), Tait Appleton (Senior Boys House Captain), Flynn Nagel (Junior Boys Vice Captain) & Gavin Lugg (Senior Boys Vice Captain). Front Row (L-R): Ruby Chirgwin (Senior Girls House Captain), Tarli Absalom (Senior Girls Vice Captain), Jessica Woolford (Junior Girls House Captain) & Ellie Makuch (Junior Girls Vice Captain). Absent: Zade Hearfield (Junior Boys House Captain).

Grantham House: Back row (L-R): James Kavanagh (Senior Boys Vice Captain) & Jett Drewitt (Senior Boys House Captain). Front row (L-R): Dean Retallick (Junior Boys House Captain), Caitlin Cole (Junior Girls Vice Captain), Jemimah Branford (Junior Girls House Captain) & Liefja Branford (Senior Girls Vice Captain). Absent: Claire Wilks (Senior Girls House Captain) & Jett Clements (Junior Boys Vice Captain).

Stamford House: Back row (L-R): Dre Vlassco (Junior Boys House Captain), Dannen Blacker (Senior Boys House Captain) & Shay Utting (Senior Boys Vice Captain). Front row (L-R): Denise Sadiwa (Junior Girls House Captain), Nathan Fong (Junior Boys Vice Captain), Zoe Kooistra (Senior Girls House Captain), Natalie Castle (Senior Girls Vice Captain) & Sasha Noske (Junior Girls Vice Captain).


Room 22/23 SRC Reps (L-R): Nadia Rusden & Gavin Lugg.

TLC SRC Reps (L-R): Joshua Broad & Sebastian Elvey.

Year 8 SRC Reps (L-R): Zackariah Young, Macy Hall, Liam Akehurst & Holly Phillis.

Year 9 SRC Reps (L-R): Dre Vlassco, Maisy Rogers & Seth Kayser. Absent: Katie-Anne Solly.

Year 10 SRC Reps (L-R): Denise Sadiwa, Aiden McGrath & Ella Thomson. Absent: Callum Forsyth.

Year 11 SRC Reps (L-R): Cate Pearce & Micah McWhinnie-Perry.

Year 12 SRC Reps (L-R): Ned Moxey (Principal Student Leader), Jay Mullins, Kiana Stafford & Ursula Clarke (Principal Student Leader).

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