Student Council & Term 1 Academic Awards Announced

In order to announce the Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 members of our 2024/25 Student Council, and to acknowledge the outstanding Term 1 efforts and achievements of many students, a whole school assembly was staged in the PLHS Gymnasium earlier today.

With proud parents in attendance, today’s ceremony was conducted by Year 12 students Seth Kayser and Prapti Pai and opened with a special Welcome to Country from Year 7 student Lyndah Jeffrey-Richards.

PLHS Principal Mr. Craig Akehurst spoke about the themes of student voice, learner agency and success, before Principal Student Leaders Dre Vlassco and Prapti Pai updated the student body about their recent activities. Prapti then announced the names of the Year 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 representatives for the school’s revamped Student Council – congratulations to the following successful nominees:


  • Year 11: Liam Akehurst & Fletcher Beard
  • Year 10: Zoe van Overdijk & Ruby Gamlin
  • Year 9: Evie Gamlin & Mahni Burrows
  • Year 8: Lucas Dixon & Stephanie Rocchi
  • Year 7: Neve Thomas, Frankie Woolford & Leisha Sevelj

Based on the following grade point average criteria, Academic Award certificates were announced and presented across all six year levels. Congratulations to all of today’s recipients.


A grade point average (GPA) is calculated for each student of the school. A GPA score of 4 indicates an A grade for each subject. There are two categories of Academic Awards:

  • Academic Excellence awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of more than 3.5 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Term 1 subjects
  • Meritorious Effort awards recognise students who have achieved a GPA of at least 3 (with no D or E grades) across all of their Term 1 subjects

YEAR 12 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Shiloh Abbott, Shayden Beljon, Kenisha Bilney, Benjaman Gabb, Seth Kayser, Tayah Liffner, Maddison Lowe, Ella Macksad, Rylee Marks, Georgina Millard, Luke Pearce, Kalea Siegert, Jesse Wellman & Jessica Woolford

YEAR 12 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Tyler Billing, Ahmari Guamen, Tilda Jenkins, Lauren McDonald, Sasha Noske, Prapti Pai, Zali Phillips, Tamika Prow, Tyra Skinn-Buzzacott, Cooper Smith, Katie-Anne Solly, Isabelle Stutzer & Piper Wilkes

YEAR 11 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Liam Akehurst, Macie Claughton, Hayden Francis, Evan Lukin, Delta Proude, Willow Wahlin, Will West & Nickailah Wilson

YEAR 11 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Maia Abbott, Jevan Ambrose, Fletcher Beard, Kayla Cowley, Lilly Durdin, Talisha Fiore, Madilyn Fox, Huey Hood, Alyssa Joniega, Aliki Kapnistis, Sky Keane, Sophie Lang, Rebecca Madden, Max Mitchelson, Charlotte Roberts, Max Rodda, Isla Santillan, Billy Scholz, Tygh Te Wano, Taj Williams & Ella Wiseman

YEAR 10 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Isabella Go, Samuel Halls, Phillip Hutchins, Larissa Johnston, Maya Kennedy, Kiarna Letton, Keeley Millard, Jesse Poel, Dakota Taferner, Jasmine Tiller, Rebekah Turner & Isabella Zander

YEAR 10 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Lainie Bell, Stirling Carter, Sophie Cheriton, Xanela Cubacub, Jorja Defelice, Remy Ellis, Brayden Foote, Ruby Gamlin, Madison Gotch, Ash Hannan, Airlie Hartwich, James Hore, Rhy Kayser, Kirrally Kotz, Tahlia Lewis, Jessica Neve, Loch Osborne, Matilda Packer, Elke Russell, Lacie Schafer, Demi Selwyn-Shore, Elke Thomas, Zoe van Overdijk, Orlando Wade, Natania Watene, Kael Williams & Evie Wiseman

YEAR 9 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Zoe Allan, Mahni Burrows, Abbey Francis, Evie Gamlin, Simon Hennessy, Scotty McNab-Haynes & Ella Scholz

YEAR 9 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Kyle Baro, Samuel Beard, Isaac Brougham, Rylee Chatfield, Lani Cocks, Marley Coleman, Kallen Costello, Ella Day, Abigail Emeny Boden, Lucas Gray, Sophia Hicks, Zach Hurrell, Kynan Letton, Chloe Marks, Nicholas Minto, Isla Nagel, Janica Shepperd, Ethan Skipworth Howell & Xander Taylor

YEAR 8 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Jarran Durdin, Brady Mail, Travis O’Neill, Jordy Parker, Angus Rodda, Harmony Sincock & Damien Warren

YEAR 8 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Zoe Bell, Asha Clements, Kai Cunningham, Lucas Dixon, Abi Ferrett, Matthew Minto, Amber Phillips, Logan Rawling & Peyton Smith

YEAR 7 ACADEMIC EXCELLENCE: Jessie Caulfield, Isabella Defelice, Indie Hollamby, Keith Jones, Balin Mantle, McKenzie Nicholls, Darcy Parkyn, Neve Thomas & Frankie Woolford

YEAR 7 MERITORIOUS EFFORT: Presley Balnaves, Willoh Brown, Elsa Burgar, Solomon Carter, Owen Clark, Lacey Cullen, Sophie Gray, Luis Guamen, Robert Hargrove, Lucy Hatzimanolis, Indigo Hood, Ronin McVey, Jackson Murphy, Jobe Nielsen, Ande O’Neill, Ryder Patakakis, Leisha Sevelj, Brandyn Spriggs, Makyra Sweeney, Joshua van Riet & Isla Wilson

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