STEM Class Produces Prosthetic Limbs

The students in Mr José Zayas-Buil’s Year 8 S.T.E.M. class were recently asked to consider the wider implications of S.T.E.M. – they explored the definition of S.T.E.M., what it looks, sounds and feels like, and how it is practically applied in society and their own daily lives.

The class was then asked to study where S.T.E.M. applications were present in the field of health, specifically in the design of artificial limbs (prosthetics). They developed mind maps and questions from which they discussed and disseminated the information into the individual disciplines of Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths.

At the completion of their brain-storming and research process, the students were asked to form small groups in order to design and create a prosthetic limb using a host of provided materials; these included PVC pipe, sponges, plungers, cardboard, rope and tape. The groups chose a limb injury from the following options – left or right leg below or above the knee, left or right arm above or below the elbow. This choice forced each group to consider how their design would attach to the body and how they would incorporate joint movements.

The imaginative and skilfully constructed results produced by these students was very impressive; the smiles in these photos clearly indicate how proud they are of their work.

~ Mr José Zayas-Buil (S.T.E.M. Teacher)

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