Shania Returns for Pride Painting Workshop

Ex-PLHS student and current SA Youth Governor Shania Richards with PLHS SRC Rep Prapti Pai

At their meeting in early June, our Student Representative Councillors generated a range of ideas and actions to implement across the school to coincide with Pride Month – their aim was to create greater awareness, understanding and acceptance.

One simple request from a student was to have the Pride Flag displayed in every classroom, “as this makes me feel like I belong.”

To conclude Pride Month at PLHS last Thursday, a group of students volunteered for a Pride Painting Workshop. This event was hosted by ex-PLHS student and current Youth Governor of South Australia, Shania Richards.

During lunchtime in Ms Wanda Jarvis’ Art room, Shania showed the attending students a range of Pride Flags, before inviting them to paint their own interpretations. As the images here clearly show, our students greatly enjoyed interacting with Shania and expressing themselves through their artwork.

Shania provided the following comment:

“Coming back to the high school that I used to attend – and being able to be a part of the next generation’s exploration of pride and what it means to them through Art – has been magical. Giving the students such an Art challenge and seeing them put all their hearts into it was inspirational. I didn’t have that safe space and opportunity growing up, so being able to fight for the need for inclusiveness, equity and equality for our local youth in this community feels important and possible.”

Congratulations to all involved in this initiative and many thanks to Shania for her return visit to PLHS.

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