Senior Students Attend Road Awareness Program

Earlier today, our Year 11 and 12 students attended an important Road Awareness Program education session in the Hall. Entitled “Looking After Our Mates”, the informative, thought-provoking and often confronting seminar is an initiative of the Metropolitan Fire Service.

Our facilitator, MFS Station Officer Mr Josh “Bolts” Byerlee, was supported in his presentation by road crash survivor Mr Yudhi Mohan-Ram. Members of our local MFS and CFS were also in attendance, with several of our students, including Year 11 Taj Freeman (pictured above centre), participating in some of the scenarios.

The engagement levels demonstrated by our students throughout the lengthy presentation were outstanding – congratulations to all in attendance on your excellent conduct. We thank Josh and Yudhi for their valuable time and wise words.

PLHS hopes that this worthy annual program continues to improve the driving behaviours and outcomes of our students.

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