Senior Drama Students Perform “Why?”

Last Thursday, our Senior Drama students presented their annual production – this year entitled “Why?” – to a select audience. During the day, they delivered a matinee performance to a group of Year 9 and 10 Drama students. Later that evening, they presented another show to a handful of staff in the Hall, as well as an audience of their families sitting at home via a live stream.

As depicted below, this year’s production was a compilation of short comedic sketches and one-act plays that followed the principles of The Theatre of the Absurd; that is, to question life, death and everyday acceptable norms.

The students began production rehearsals at the beginning of the year; however, they were forced to put the show on hiatus due to COVID-19 restrictions, only to pull it all together in recent weeks. It was the external exam component for the Stage 2 Drama students, 50% of the Stage 1 semester grade, and contributed to a significant number of tasks to the Stage 2 Community Studies B Folios.

A totally different platform for the students, but they rose to the occasion and produced another winning production.

~ Mrs Helen Marks (Drama teacher)

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