SAASTA Class Collaborate on Guernsey Design

Over the course of Term 1, our Stage 2 SAASTA students have been required to work collaboratively to construct a themed and unique guernsey design to be worn at the 2022 Santos Aboriginal Power Cup – this annual event sees SAASTA academies from around the state compete against each other in Adelaide in an Australian Rules Football carnival.

This creative process has required a great deal of time and patience – our students should be extremely proud of their efforts. Attached here are images of both the developmental process and ultimately the final design of our guernsey. This is accompanied by a short excerpt from our group’s team story created to complement the piece. Fantastic work by all students.

~ Mr Hayden Bennett (Stage 2 SAASTA Teacher)

Team Story:

“The theme for this year’s Power Cup is Tarrkarri. In the language of the Kaurna people, Tarrkarri means ‘the future’ and symbolises the setting of strong foundations for the Centre and where the Centre is located on the Adelaide Plains. We have incorporated this theme within our design as we have implemented the language totems of members of our academy all moving together in unity guided and connected by two Rainbow Serpents. Our group is moving towards a Black Swan at the centre which represents the totem of the Kaurna People and symbolises the Tarrkarri theme. Our design represents our journey to Kaurna land for the Power Cup but highlights that no matter what group we come from or how we differ, our academy remains connected.”

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