Room 23 Launches Recycling Program

Ms Sam Long’s Special Education class have recently embarked on an important unit of work about recycling.

Her Room 23 students will regularly collect and deliver cans/bottles to the local recycling depot. During this visual learning process, they will see how the materials are recycled, what happens to them and how they are exchanged for money. Other mathematical concepts involved include area, perimeter, volume and measurement. Science topics will include learning about degradable and non-degradable materials, the chemical reactions involved, and the cause and effect of rubbish in the aquatic environment.

The students involved have already initiated a very clever recycling scheme within the school. Four new can/bottle recycling cages have been placed in the middle of the campus, painted in our house colours of red, green, blue and yellow. Students are encouraged to recycle their cans/bottles into their team’s bin to earn house points. The money raised will be given to the SRC, who will then decide how it can be used to benefit students in the school, with a focus on SportsDay.

I am enjoying teaching this unit to my Room 23 students. Having visual materials displayed in schools is beneficial to students, particularly those with learning difficulties. The recycling bins and excursions to the recycling depot will reinforce these important concepts to a higher level.

~ Ms Sam Long (Special Education)

Pictured above (L-R): Kelly Sewer, Astrid Williams, Jake Bryant, Rick Smulders & Ty Maywald

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