Reconciliation Week Presentations with Dr. Scott Cane

In recognition of Reconciliation Week, we invited local anthropologist, archaeologist, historian, published author (and PLHS parent) Dr. Scott Cane, to speak to our staff and students today about the fascinating history of our First Nations peoples. Scott has dedicated his life to the study of Aboriginal people, culture and history, and has worked with a number of communities on a range of issues.

Throughout the course of the day, Scott delivered a series of highly engaging and informative seminars to each of our year levels. He explored and celebrated some of the rich history and achievements of Aboriginal people in this country. Using a 30m long length of rope as a timeline, and accompanied by other visual aids, our students found it easy to comprehend this important learning.

We are truly lucky and grateful to have had Scott visit us today to share his wealth of experience and expertise. Our staff and students walked away with a deeper appreciation and understanding of the history of this country, and a greater respect of the achievements and rich culture of Aboriginal peoples.

~ Mr Michael Scheffler (Aboriginal Education Teacher)

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