Prapti Announced as an ABC “Heywire” Winner

Earlier this year, Year 11 PLHS student Prapti Pai entered “Heywire”, the Australian Broadcasting Corporation’s annual youth story-telling competition. We are delighted to announce that she has just been announced as one of 35 winners from hundreds of entries nationwide.

Heywire is a lived experience storytelling competition for young people aged between 16-22 in regional, rural and remote Australia. This important program provides an influential national platform for young Australians to share their stories and ideas, putting them at the centre of the conversations that shape their communities. The ABC has run the annual regional youth project in partnership with the Australian Government since 1998.

Prapti’s incredible story tells of her journey from the Indian metropolis of Kolkata to here with us in Port Lincoln. As she herself puts it, “I moved from a city of 15 million to a coastal town of 15,000 — and found a sense of belonging I didn’t expect”.

We congratulate Prapti and her family on this wonderful piece of work and the resulting achievement.

To listen to Prapti’s story, please click the following link:

A sense of belonging means I hold my head high and treasure my new community – ABC Heywire

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