PLHS Students Create for Literacy Program

Chloe Designs Literacy Group’s Logo

We would like to celebrate the outstanding design work of Year 10 student Chloe Poel. As a Year 9 Design student last year, Chloe won a class competition to create the logo for “Paint Port Lincoln REaD”, a local community initiative supporting early childhood literacy.

Congratulations, Chloe – you nailed the brief!


Year 9 Artists Produce Reading Eggs

Port Lincoln REaD is shining a spotlight on the Year 9 artists who designed and created our reading eggs. Congratulations to Grace, Toula and Lucy on their brilliant contribution to building literacy skills in our community.

Please read the bios on each artist below:

Name: Grace Thomas
Year level/age: Year 9
Primary school: Port Lincoln Primary School
Favourite subject: Dance and Science because I enjoy conducting the pracs.
Hobbies/interests: Drawing, animals, hanging out with friends, going for walks and listening to music.
I was proud of the final product because they took a long time to make and they looked great once they were finished. There were some intricate details which were hard to do but they looked effective.

Name: Toula Kapnistis
Year level/age: Year 9
Primary school: Port Lincoln Primary School
Favourite subject: Dance because I like performing the dance pieces.
Hobbies/interests: Dance, hanging out with friends and family and going for walks.
I was proud of the final product because it was a challenge to mix the colours and get them right. It has been nice to see children enjoying reading, talking and singing to the eggs!

Name: Lucy Bennie
Year level/age: Year 9
Primary school: Kirton Point Primary School
Favourite subject: Dance
Hobbies/interests: Dance, cooking and going to the beach in summer.
I enjoyed creating the eggs because there was a lot of thought put in to the project for ‘Paint Port Lincoln ReAD’ who are promoting the importance of literacy for children.


What is Paint Port Lincoln REaD?

Paint Port Lincoln REaD is about getting the whole community to read, talk, sing and rhyme with children from birth, so they’ll be ready for reading and writing when they start school. Children whose parents read with them in the early years of life show markedly better performance in school, even into their teens. The lasting advantage is evident regardless of socio-economic background. When parents share books with children, they also promote children’s understanding of the world, their emotional wellbeing and their social skills. Early literacy makes such a difference to children’s lives that we need everyone in the community to get involved.

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