PLHS Proudly Supporting Dolly’s Dream

Did you know that one in every four students in schools is a victim of bullying, with one in five cyber-bullied?

Amy ‘Dolly’ Everett took her own life at the age of 14 due to relentless bullying and cyber-bullying. Her family have now devoted their lives to raising awareness around the impact of bullying/cyber-bullying. They have set up “Dolly’s Dream” on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and a comprehensive website. They work in schools, communities and many other places to spread their message in the hope that no other families have to go through what they have.

This Friday (May 10th) is the very first “Do It For Dolly Day”; we are hoping to join together as a school community, alongside many other schools, workplaces and community groups, to show that bullying is WRONG! Wear blue this Friday (I know… our uniform is blue) but a different blue to your uniform; any shade. Hats, hair ribbons, t-shirts, pants, zinc, socks, scarves… get creative!

At Recess time, we will have a variety of blue ‘additions’ for you to access (at no cost) from the Amphitheatre side of the Staff Room. There will also be the opportunity for you to make a donation towards Dolly’s Dream fundraising partner, The Allanah & Madeline Foundation. This will also be a great opportunity for us to get a photo of our sea of blue to show that we all stand against bullying!

Get on board to stamp out bullies… they suck!

~ Mrs Helen Marks (PLHS Teacher)

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