Governing Council Community Voice (Nov/Dec)

Hi all. Your GC has conducted its final meeting for 2022 and there was much to celebrate, discuss and plan. What a privilege it was for GC to attend the recent Year 12 Awards Ceremony (Graduation) evening; when combined with the Clontarf Academy Awards for Indigenous students, it reminded us of the various roads travelled by students to complete their schooling and leave PLHS confident in their abilities and positive in outlook about what lies ahead. Truly a team effort by families, school and community groups paving the way for young people’s next steps. Proud of our teens and their school.

I would like to thank the members of the 2022 Governing Council for giving their time and commitment freely in the interests of all students. As the elected parent representatives for the school community, these volunteers share a common belief in the importance of providing a quality public education as a right for every child, and the worthiness of every student who chooses this inclusive pathway of schooling. We also value the support of the PLHS parent reference group who provide the GC with ideas and opinions, as another important way of connecting community voice.

 A special thanks to the Port Lincoln History Group and the members of the PLHS Centenary Planning Committee, who have been meeting regularly to plan the celebration of one hundred years of education and service to youth next year. The school carries this accolade with pride and the school will be buzzing with centenary activity throughout the year.

The Governing Council is looking forward to 2023 and welcoming new students and their families to the school. Governing Council members will be available to meet families in Week Zero (Tuesday January 24th and Wednesday January 25th) before students commence their first term the following week.

Governing Council will begin its new year by meeting on Wednesday February 15th. During this meeting, we hope to welcome new members to the group and connect the good work of 2022 with the directions for 2023. This meeting will be held in the school’s fabulous Specialist Building from 6:30pm. Come along and bring a friend. Learn about the opportunities and curriculum that is available to your children and enjoy the friendship and positive spirit of a group focused on working in the interests of all students.

To finish, the Governing Council wishes you and your family a very Merry Christmas, and a safe and relaxed start to the New Year with those who are important to you. Safe travels if moving about.

Best wishes,

Brian Gabb & the Port Lincoln High School Governing Council Team

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