PAT Testing for 2023 Commences Next Week

1 September 2023

Dear Parent/Caregivers,

PLHS will be conducting our Progressive Achievement Tests (PAT) this term, during Weeks 7 and 8. This will involve your child completing two tests during this period, specifically addressing reading comprehension and mathematical processes.

The tests are designed to be quick and give the school a progress snapshot of these learning areas. The results help us to design our curriculum and offer levels of support to improve students learning outcomes.

PAT Reading and PAT Maths are diagnostic assessments – meaning their primary purpose is to inform teaching and learning. Teachers are able to analyse PAT test results and identify the skills, knowledge and understanding that each student currently has and what their next steps are. In this way, they can plan their teaching programs to address the needs of each student in a timely manner.

Forty minutes is allocated for each PAT test; teachers can administer the tests in stages however, unlike NAPLAN tests which require a single block of time. If a student may struggle to concentrate over a forty-minute period, they can sit the test in two twenty-minute periods, for example. The aim is to give each student the best possible opportunity to demonstrate their skills and knowledge.

Students on a learning plan who are being taught and assessed at a year level above or below their enrolled year level, can have their test reassigned to reflect this. For example, a Year 9 student may be working with Year 8 curriculum content, and therefore can have their test reassigned to Test level 8 to reflect this.

If you have any questions regarding any of the information included in this letter, please contact Port Lincoln High School on 8683-6000.


Craig Curtis (Middle School Assistant Principal) & Todd George (PLHS Principal)

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