Painted Balloons Celebrate Book Week 2021

To celebrate this year’s Book Week theme – “Old Worlds, New Worlds, Other Worlds” – the students in our Year 10 Visual Art were presented with the challenge of painting a suitable scene on the surface of a large helium or air-filled balloon.

Ever tried it? The Year 10’s will confirm that it’s not that easy, but to their credit, they approached the task with a positive attitude and determination to see it through – amidst the odd balloon deflating, popping or never staying still!

Mrs Lyn Hosking’s vision has come to fruition with the brightly coloured balloons now populating the Resource Centre, attracting attention and creating a buzz around Book Week 2021. She is encouraging students to come and check out the display of balloons and books, and even borrow one to read.

Thank you to Mrs Hosking for the opportunity to allow our students to spontaneously and creatively work on a fun and creative project; even if their hard work did explode in some instances!

~ Mrs Annette Kelson (Art Teacher)

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