Outdoor Ed Class Complete 28km Bushwalk

On Monday and Tuesday of this week, our Year 10 Outdoor Education class embarked on a 28km bushwalk in the Lincoln National Park as part of a major assessment task for the course. The students were assessed on leadership, minimal impact camping, camp skills, food preparation/cooking and positive participation, as well as bushwalking skills such as navigation, packing and fitness.

The first day’s route began at Taylor’s Landing and finished at September Beach, where we camped the night, played games, roasted marshmallows and cooked meals. On the second day, we trekked in the sunshine along the coast to Fisherman’s Point, taking in the surroundings and appreciating our coastal views.

The students showed perseverance, resilience and teamwork throughout the journey and have gained a greater appreciation for the Lincoln National Park. Well done to all the Year 10’s involved.

~ Ms Jasmine Woldt (Outdoor Education Teacher)

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