Outdoor Ed Class Bushwalks in the Flinders


On Monday June 3rd, our Stage 2 Outdoor Education class travelled with some St. Joseph’s School students to Wilpena Pound in the Flinders Ranges. From there, we bushwalked 9km to Cooinda Camp, our first campsite.

We carried all of the food and equipment needed for the duration of the camp in our rucksacks. This included first aid kits, Trangias, tents, nutritious meals and other necessities.

The following day, the group travelled with day packs to Glenora Falls. In case of emergency, our day packs contained first aid kits, food, water, torches, a few sleeping bags and a tent. The entire walk back to the camp was 20km, but halfway we stopped and had lunch at the Falls. The scenery got better each day as the hikes become more difficult.

The final day of the trek was definitely the most demanding and pushed us to our limits in the declining terrain. We all had a challenging yet enjoyable experience and now feel better equipped for our self-reliant camp to be held in August.

Many thanks to our bushwalking instructor Cody, and Mr Francis and the SJS students who accompanied us on the expedition.

~ Sasha Meyers & Jessica McCormack (Stage 2 Outdoor Education students)

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