No Stopping “The Green Machine”

Another impressive team performance from Eyre House saw them claim victory on SportsDay 2018. After securing the Standards Trophy in the lead-up to Thursday’s event, Eyre was strongly challenged this year, firstly by Stamford, then by Flinders. Whilst many were hoping for a different result to the past several years, “The Green Machine” eventually clicked into gear and recorded another solid victory.

Final Standings – SportsDay 2018:

  • 1st: Eyre (1,596 points)
  • 2nd: Flinders (1,425 points)
  • 3rd: Stamford (1,412 points)
  • 4th: Grantham (1,292 points)

One of Eyre’s competitors set a new PLHS record in the Under 16 Girls Long Jump – congratulations to Ella Stevens, who jumped a distance of 4.69m, well clear the old mark of 4.57m.

Many other impressive individual performances were posted throughout the day; congratulations to the following Age Champions, who will spearhead an imposing group of athletes heading to Edward John Eyre High School in Whyalla on Monday March 19th to represent PLHS at the annual WASSAC regional athletics carnival.

Age Champions – Female:

  • Under 14 Girls: Winner Zoe Proude (Eyre/36 points) & Runner-up Makaya Bryant (Stamford/33 points)
  • Under 15 Girls: Winner Gia Thomson (Stamford/42 points) & Runner-up Claire Wilks (Grantham/30 points)
  • Under 16 Girls: Winner Ella Stevens (Eyre/60 points) & Runner-up Tia Freeman (Grantham/41 points)
  • Open Girls: Winner Kahlila Murray (Grantham/37 points) & Runners-up Jordyn Bryant (Stamford/35 points) and Chloe Howe (Stamford/35 points)

Age Champions – Male:

  • Under 14 Boys: Winner Indra Pantiyasa (Stamford/30 points) & Runner-up Jak Kennedy (Flinders/28 points)
  • Under 15 Boys: Winner Dannen Blacker (Stamford/58 points) & Runner-up Beau Sampson (Flinders/42 points)
  • Under 16 Boys: Winner Leonard Wells (Eyre/45 points) & Runner-up Justin Carey (Eyre/43 points)
  • Open Boys: Winner Lane Pennington (Flinders/55 points) & Runner-up Troy Docking (Flinders/42 points)

Shenice Wells (Eyre) and Max Rogalski (Grantham) earned Participation Awards in recognition of outstanding efforts for their respective houses.

Congratulations go to Miss Yasmin Stewart and the HPE Faculty for their organisation, to the staff for their facilitation of the event, and to all who participated in another enjoyable day of healthy competition.

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