Netball Carnival Successfully Hosted by PLHS

Last Thursday, four PLHS netball teams competed against other school sides from St. Joseph’s, Navigators, Cummins, Ceduna and Tumby Bay. See below for the team write-up from each of the coaches.

8/9 GIRLS DIVISION A (coached by Mrs Lenny Woods):

This team were carnival winners for the division! They lost only one game during the minor rounds (by just one goal) and won the other three games as well as the grand final (by three goals). A team of superstars, very versatile and team-oriented. Special thanks to Jess Noske (umpire) and Zali Phillips (scorer).

8/9 GIRLS DIVISION B (coached by Ms Jasmine Woldt):

This team were grand finalists, but went down by four goals in the end against the strong St. Joseph’s squad. PLHS were leading the table on percentage going into the GF; a great effort for an enthusiastic group of girls. Special thanks to Hayley Wiseman (umpire) for the day.

YEAR 10 GIRLS (coached by Mrs Leah Crettenden & Mrs Caitlin Wellfare):

A great group of students who were willing to try different positions with only seven players on the team. They lost a few games early, but improved out of site as the day went on, eventually coming away with a win! Great determination shown by the girls; they played in great spirits all day. Special thanks to Nadia Rusden (scorer).

OPEN GIRLS (coached by Miss Yasmin Stewart):

Competed extremely well all day. They were supportive of each other and made for a fantastic team. Started the day with a couple of close games, including a one goal win against Ceduna, then a draw with Cleve. Cummins and Navigators were strong competition and St. Joseph’s finished the day by taking away the championship. Special thank you to Tara Welsh who umpired for the day.

This was a great day for all involved! The carnival ran smoothly and the girls displayed high levels of competition and sportsmanship. Special thankyous to Mrs Amber Mullins, Ms Shannon Nagel and Miss Yasmin Stewart for organising the event.

~ Ms Jasmine Woldt (Supervising Teacher)

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