“NEBULA” Art/Design Exhibition Now Open

Senior School Assistant Principal Miss Tash Rayson officially opened Port Lincoln High School’s annual Year 12 Art/Design Exhibition last night, before a large crowd of students, families and staff. The impressive practical work and written statements of eleven art and design students is now on display in the Nautilus Arts Centre’s Rotary Gallery, until Monday November 19th.

This year’s exhibition is called “NEBULA”; the title reflects the fact that the initial concepts for all of these projects were vague and ill-defined (or nebulous). The challenge for the students is to dedicate several months to give their assignments the required structure and clarity, in order to bring them into focus and put them on public display. This clever theme and the stunning promotional graphics were devised and executed by one of the Year 12 Design students (Hannah Williams).

We would like to publicly thank Mrs Jenny Silver, Michael Starkey, the Nautilus Arts Centre staff and the Port Lincoln High School Governing Council for their valuable assistance in staging this year’s exhibition.

The vibrant display comprises a wide variety of creative projects, including large-scale art installations, multimedia presentations and graphic, product and fashion design. We encourage all interested citizens to take the opportunity to view our 2018 collection.

~ Mr Shaun Thomas (Design) & Ms Annette Kelson (Art)


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