Modified Program for Friday Afternoon

Dear PLHS Parent/caregivers,

I have been given permission by our Education Director to run a modified program on the afternoon of Friday February 21st. The reason for this scheduling change is to allow staff who wish to attend the funeral of Patrick (Paddy) Ryan to do so.

Supervision will be provided for students on the Eyre Floor for the afternoon by staff who have chosen not to attend the funeral.

If you choose to allow your child to head home at the beginning of lunch, written permission needs to be given to the appropriate Dharna Group teacher by Thursday 20th February. This can be done via SEQTA or with a hand-written note.

In summary:

  • normal lessons up until lunch time
  • supervised study on the Eyre Floor after lunch
  • normal lessons resume 8:40am Monday 24th February

Mr Todd George (PLHS Principal)

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