Mini-Marathon Results

Congratulations to Joel Edmonds (4:05/Flinders) and Ellouise Heath (4:57/Eyre) who took out the fastest male and female runner titles at yesterday’s Mini-Marathon. Deppler Clarke (4:11/Stamford), Tayah Liffner (6:00/Eyre) and Jessica Woolford (6:00/Flinders) were the fastest junior male and female runners.

Overall house scores from the event were as follows:

  • FLINDERS: 20 points 
  • STAMFORD: 10 points
  • EYRE: 17 points
  • GRANTHAM: 7 points

Congratulations to all competitors; looking forward to SportsDay on Thursday.

~ Miss Yasmin Stewart (Senior Leader: HPE, Food & Nutrition, Sport & Integrated Learning)

* Apologies to Deppler Clarke (and Issac Morton) – we made an initial error in regards to the fastest junior male.

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