Mia Wins Two “OUR YOUNG MOB” Art Prizes

The Adelaide Festival Centre hosted an awards ceremony for the 2021 “OUR MOB” exhibition, which provides an opportunity for First Nations artists from SA to showcase their art and culture. “OUR MOB” began in 2006 and is held in the spirit of reconciliation to demonstrate the power of art in bringing together diverse peoples in harmony with a common goal.

This year, twelve artworks by PLHS students who participate in the PLACE subject were entered into the “OUR YOUNG MOB” category of the exhibition (open to artists under the age of 18) – we are delighted to report that almost all of the work has already been sold.

Further, we congratulate Year 10 student Mia Makuch for being awarded two prizes this year for her work “My Journey” (pictured). Mia received a Highly Commended award from Inawinytji Williamson, one of the founders of Ku Arts.

Inawinytji announced: “It was really hard to choose just one winner this year as there are so many strong artworks in the exhibition from our young artists. I have chosen a runner-up this year who needs a special mention – Mia Makuch for the artwork “My Journey”. Her painting tells a story of the paths she chooses in life and her connection to land and family. Mia is Kaurna and lives in Port Lincoln.”

Mia was also awarded a $250 voucher as the winner of the Trevor Nickolls Art Prize; not surprisingly, her artwork has been already been purchased.

Congratulations to Mia, her family and the PLHS Art staff on this wonderful recognition.

Mia’s artist statement for “My Journey”
I am a proud Kaurna artist. This painting represents the different paths in life and how there can be bumps in the road. Sometimes you have to go down multiple paths to find the one that you should actually be on. The earthy purple and orange tones represent my connection to land and family. The white paths with sgraffito are the many paths that I have taken in my short life to reach my goals.

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