Makiesha & Abby Present “Cultured Pattern”

Year 12 Community Studies B students Makiesha Hands and Abbey Somerville have collaborated to present their year’s practical work in an exhibition, on now in the Nautilus Arts Centre’s Walter Nicholls Gallery.

“Cultured Pattern” will hang until Wednesday 26th September; the girls invite anyone interested to view the display and would greatly appreciate feedback through the questionnaires they have prepared.

Makiesha’s pieces are based around her interest and empathy for the struggle and survival of elephants, and the reflection of her life journey so far. Abbey has a passion for Boho Tribal themed décor and has created an installation consisting of a dreamcatcher, wall hanging and tipi combining natural, found materials and pattern.

Makiesha and Abby would like to thank Ms Jenny Silver for her support during the creation of the works, Ms Vicki Bosisto for her assistance in hanging the pieces in the gallery, and the Nautilus Arts Centre staff for providing them with the opportunity to exhibit in a professional space.

~ Mrs Annette Kelson (Art Teacher)

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