Madison Receives Harding Miller Scholarship

The Harding Miller Education Foundation (HMEF) is an Australian charity that offers scholarships to girls in public high schools who are experiencing socioeconomic disadvantage. As they put it: “Our scholarship recipients have high academic potential. They are talented and dedicated. They do not currently have access to the resources that they need to make the most of their education opportunities”. We are delighted to announce that Year 9 PLHS student Madison Gotch has been awarded a Harding Miller Scholarship for 2023 (and beyond).

After successfully navigating an extensive written application process last year, Madi was identified by the HMEF as a female student with enormous potential to achieve academic excellence and significant professional success. As usual, this year’s selection process was incredibly competitive, with hundreds of worthy applications received from girls across Australia.

Along her mother and younger brother, Madi was recently flown to Sydney to officially receive her scholarship. There they all met up with Madi’s grandfather and attended HMEF’s 2023 awards event on Monday June 26th at the Sofitel Sydney Wentworth. Madi participated in some get-to-know-you workshops with her fellow recipients before enjoying the harbourside sights with her happy family.

Madi’s scholarship includes a high-quality laptop in the first year, as well as four years of online IT support, high-speed internet, $2,500 of online or face-to-face tutoring, online homework help, plus pre-paid expense cards for essential school supplies such as uniforms, textbooks and excursions. Each scholar is also allocated a personal coach who supports and guides them through the four years of the program, including opportunities to access career experiences and tertiary education pathways.

Congratulations to Madison and her family on successfully applying for this prestigious scholarship. We look forward to charting her progress in the coming years.

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