Lunchtime Feed with Kerry & the Team

PLHS staff and students from all levels connected at lunchtime yesterday for a free feed to fuel up for teaching and learning. The menu was inspired by some old Canteen favourites – hot dogs and hot chicken & gravy rolls.

We all know that there is no such thing as a free lunch; it was a real community effort and there are many people to thank:

  • thank you to Mr George for approving the budget for the food
  • thank you to Joyce for supporting with food preparation and clean up
  • thank you to Mrs Rogalski and Ms Turner-Wiebreck for sharing utensils and kitchen space
  • thank you to Volunteer Community Mentor Tracey Miller for two hours of wonderful service
  • thank you to Staff Comfort for use of the BBQ and gas

Special thankyous go to Year 8 students Kiara Hurst and Savannah Mundy for choosing to invest their lunchtime in serving others.



~ Mrs Kerry Graetz (Pastoral Care Worker)

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