Kerrie Delivers Restorative Practices Workshops

Earlier today, a number of PLHS staff and students were selected to engage in one of three Restorative Practices workshops, led by Ms. Kerrie Sellen. Kerrie has over twenty years’ experience in the community services sector including youth justice, homelessness, domestic violence, drug and alcohol, youth development, case management and program design and delivery.

Our students learned about the theoretical components of Restorative Practice and gained reliable and practical strategies to engage and build strong, healthy relationships with young people and families. A key element of this training was the focus on real-world activities that can be implemented into daily life to provide consistency in building the school community and responding productively when things go wrong. After school, staff were invited to attend a session during which Kerrie demonstrated Proactive Circles, Responsive Circles and Staff Circles.

We were exceptionally pleased at the conduct of our students and how well both cohorts engaged in each half-day training. We are very grateful for Kerrie for passionately sharing her knowledge, experiences and expertise with us.

~ Mr Michael Scheffler (Wellbeing Team)

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