Jasmine, Kiarna & Loch Attend SA Music Camp

Many thanks to Port Lincoln Times Cadet Journalist Mitchell Paterson for sharing the following article and photo…

EP Students Attend Music Camp(appeared in the Port Lincoln Times on Thursday August 17)

Four Eyre Peninsula students attended the South Australian Music Camp in Adelaide last month, where they learnt from experienced conductors and tutors, plus made lifelong friends and connections for their musical futures. 

Three of the students – Jasmine Tiller, Kiarna Letton and Loch Osborne – were from the Port Lincoln High School, while Cummins Area School’s Miles Curtis also attended.

This was the third year attending for Jasmine, who was accepted into one of the Orchestra levels this year playing both flute and piccolo. Kiarna was attending for the second year, playing tenor saxophone. Both Loch (tenor saxophone) and Miles (alto saxophone) were attending for the first time. 

Students were required to audition to attend the camp which was held across one week during the July school holidays. The students were provided with specific excerpts to play depending on the level they were auditioning. 

Students from Adelaide got to audition in person, but the rural students were allowed to send in a recorded audition. 

The students were advised they were accepted but did not know which level they had been placed in until they arrived at the camp on day one. 

 At the end of the five-day camp, a night concert was held for family and friends to attend, to showcase what the students had achieved during the week.

~ Mitchell Paterson (Port Lincoln Times)

Port Lincoln High students (L-R) Jasmine Tiller, Kiarna Letton and Loch Osborne, and Cummins Area School student Miles Curtis attended the SA Music Camp last month. 

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