Japanese Guests Visit Year 8 Language Class

Our Year 8 Japanese class recently had the pleasure of meeting Natsuki Miyamoto, an eleven-year-old student visiting from Japan with her mother Emi; they were staying with grandmother Keiko Miyabe, who is a local resident of Port Lincoln.

Natsuki spoke in Japanese with the Year 8 class, sharing her self-introduction and information about the town in Japan where she comes from, near Nagoya in the Aichi Prefecture. A few brave students of ours also shared their self-introduction in Japanese with Natsuki. The class then worked together to make origami ‘koinobori’ (carp fish kites) in recognition of Children’s Day in Japan, which was held in May.

It was a wonderful opportunity to have Japanese guests in our school after nearly four years with no international visitors. We are looking forward to more opportunities for our language students to be involved in international exchange as our world opens up again.

~ Mrs. Tanya Booker (Japanese Sensei)

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