Introducing the 2023 PLHS Wellbeing Team (located on the Eyre Floor)

(As pictured above from left to right)

Nicole Jurgens – Transition & Attendance Officer

“My role is to identify students who may be experiencing barriers to attending school and support them and their families to reconnect with their education. I also provide support to Year 7 students transitioning into the high school environment, and assist students in navigating alternative education pathways such as a flexible enrolment with our Transition & Learning Centre, work experience and/or employment options and learning opportunities.”

Cayley Baldwin – Student Wellbeing Officer

“My role entails connecting with students and addressing their various needs. This may be behaviour support in the classroom or a wellbeing concern. My role is to ensure all students feel comfortable in their learning environment. I also support staff and families, and connect with other services when required.”

Georgia Nelligan – Social Worker

“As a school-based Social Worker, my role is to provide individualised support to students and their families with the focus of strengthening the student’s connection and engagement with their education. I am able to make individualised assessments based on the students’ presenting concerns and refer and support them to engage with appropriate external services to reduce barriers to their learning.”

Tara Duncan & Lyndell Carmichael – Wellbeing and Engagement Officers

“We share the role of supervising and supporting students to re-engage in their learning when they present to The Hub. We also share the role of supporting students in the Special Education class.”

Mrs. Lenny Woods – PLHS Wellbeing Leader

“My role is to engage with students, families and staff to foster a safe, supportive and respectful learning environment. I connect students and families with external supports and services, and implement wellbeing programs and activities across the school community to increase wellbeing for learning. I also support the Student Representative Council (SRC) across Years 7-12 who act on “Student Voice” in making positive change in our school culture and environment.”

The Wellbeing Team also provides support to students via the following initiatives:

  • The Resilience Project – exciting new wellbeing program running at PLHS with Dharna Group teachers
  • SchoolTV – online resource for parents/families; supporting students, families and teachers with a range of issues; evidence-based research and best practice from experts in the field
  • headspace Schools Program – students have access to external support via Social Workers/Youth Workers
  • Breakfast and Lunch Programs – Eyre Floor
  • Lunchtime Activities – Eyre Floor
  • Assistance with School Uniform
  • Stationery Packs
  • Hygiene Packs
  • General Wellbeing for Learning Support
  • Connection and Referral to External Services
  • Attendance Support and Transition Pathways
  • Special Provisions (SACE)

Students or families can reach the Wellbeing Team by contacting the school on 8683-6000 or via Direqt (SEQTA) message to Mrs. Leonie Woods.

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