Introducing “SchoolTV”: New FREE Resource for Parents

Port Lincoln High School’s Well-Being Team are pleased to be able to provide you with a new (free) resource to support the young people in your care. We understand that young people’s lives are often full of complexities and external support services are required to assist parents to navigate the minefield of adolescence. Mental health services are at full stretch and there is often a delay in getting the necessary advice and support required to stabilise circumstances that arise that may disrupt a young person’s life and well-being.

The service that we are providing is called “SchoolTV” and can be accessed through the PLHS homepage. This site gives parents and caregivers access to the best up-to-date advice from highly reputable psychologists and clinicians in the field of adolescent and child psychology. Content is sourced through Beyond Blue, ReachOut, Headspace and a range of other organisations who provide for our well-being. Dr. Michael Carr-Gregg is perhaps the best known of these practitioners, but all presenters are highly experienced and well recognised in their field.

We urge parent/caregivers to check out SchoolTV – to do so, please go to, scroll to the bottom of our homepage and click the SchoolTV button (as shown below).

Further details about SchoolTV can be found in the following letter to PLHS parent/caregivers from our Well-Being Team:

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