Intensive Day for Research Project Students


In order to make significant progress on their Stage 2 Research Projects, our entire Year 11 cohort spent the day at the Port Lincoln Yacht Club today. With valuable support from their RP teachers, each Year 11 student was given the opportunity to individualise their learning across a six-hour period – tasks ranged from accessing online research materials and completing source analyses to conducting interviews with relevant authorities and progressing the all-important Outcome.

This inaugural Research Project Intensive Day was deemed a success, with engagement and output levels remaining high for most students throughout the day. As Senior School Assistant Principal Mrs Lesley Warren put it: “A productive day with our amazing Year 11’s. It was great to see so many students making of the most of the opportunity.”

Many thanks to Mrs Amber Mullins for her outstanding efforts in organising and assisting to deliver the event.

We hope this initiative translates into some positive achievement results later in the year.

Above: Year 11 students (L-R) Cody Rawling, Blake Simes and Natalie Castle receiving support with their individual Research Projects from teacher Mr Angus Martin (second from left).

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