“Identity Tree” Project on Display in Specialist Building

L-R: Mia Fiore, Mahala Stevens & Ms. Jemima McLachlan

Our students’ cultural and language connections are now showcased in the Specialist Building. This vibrant tree sculpture was recently completed by Design and Technology teacher, Ms. Jemima McLachlan and several students including Mia Fiore and Mahala Stevens; they volunteered their time to drill holes, sand, glue, clean and insert leaves into branches of the tree.

Each leaf was etched and cut using the school’s laser cutter and represents every student and their personal connections to languages and cultures. Mia and Mahala reflected that being able to make something that represents students and their cultures, and learning about other students and their different cultural and language connections, was interesting. They also reflected on the design and technology skills they developed as a result of working on the tree, such as drilling and angling the leaves on the branches.

When in the school next, be sure to stop in the Specialist Building and have a look at our tree!

Special thanks to Ms. Jemima McLachlan, Mrs. Nat van Riet and Mr. Craig Curtis. This project was funded by the EAL/D Hub Project.

~ Ms. Jodi Kennedy (EAL/D Hub Coach)

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