House Captains / Standards Day / SportsDay


The following House Captains have been elected by their peers; congratulations to…


  • Senior Male House Captain:  Taj Bates
  • Senior Male Vice Captain:  Connor Marshall
  • Senior Female House Captain:  Ellouise Heath
  • Senior Female Vice Captain:  Darcee Azzopardi
  • Junior Male House Captain:  Jack Meffert
  • Junior Male Vice Captain:  Diezel Cronin
  • Junior Female House Captain:  Amelia Stevens
  • Junior Female Vice Captain:  Tayah Lifner


  • Senior Male House Captain:  Ty Maywald & Tex Holman
  • Senior Male Vice Captain:  Beau Sampson
  • Senior Female House Captain:  Ruby Chirgwin
  • Senior Female Vice Captain:  Kiana Stafford
  • Junior Male House Captain:  Flynn Nagel
  • Junior Male Vice Captain:  Talem Beare
  • Junior Female House Captain:  Jessica Woolford
  • Junior Female Vice Captain:  Maisey Rogers


  • Senior Male House Captain:  Max Rogalski
  • Senior Male Vice Captain:  Connor Haines
  • Senior Female House Captain:  Tia Freeman
  • Senior Female Vice Captain:  Kellie Lessue
  • Junior Male House Captain:  Ryder Rogalski
  • Junior Male Vice Captain:  Cody Selwyn-Shore
  • Junior Female House Captain:  Ebony Plane
  • Junior Female Vice Captain:  Lily Miranda


  • Senior Male House Captain:  Zac Mullins
  • Senior Male Vice Captain:  Camden Madden
  • Senior Female House Captain:   Bella Borlase
  • Senior Female Vice Captain:  Zoe Kooistra
  • Junior Male House Captain:  Saben Batterbury
  • Junior Male Vice Captain:  Deppler Clarke
  • Junior Female House Captain:  Lani Kemp
  • Junior Female Vice Captain:  Esther Scott

STANDARDS DAY: Wednesday Week 2 (Feb 19th)

Standards Day is a chance for students to earn ‘early’ points for their house. Year levels rotate through a series of athletics events, accumulating points for their participation and success. Each year level will attend Standards within a long lesson.

SPORTSDAY: Thursday Week 5 (Feb 27th)

This is the second year of our renewed SportsDay program, which involves basketball and skateboard competitions amongst other fantastic team games. We are looking forward to another great year!

Further details and a program of events will be sent to parents/guardians soon via SEQTA Direqt message; please keep an eye out!

~ Miss Yasmin Stewart (Curriculum Leader: HPE/Sport/Integrated Learning)

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