Grateful for Another Good(fellow) Show

Grateful for Another Good(fellow) Show

On Wednesday February 10th, our Year 10, 11 and 12 English students were fortunate to experience a performance from renowned South Australian poet, Geoff Goodfellow, during his biannual visit to PLHS. Goodfellow delivered four compelling poetry performances across the day, engaging with over 280 students.

The art of poetry, initially seen as an irrelevant pastime by many students, is brought to life in Goodfellow’s performances; our students genuinely connect with his harsh stories and relatable topics. His works cover a range of profound life experiences and provide an insight into various social issues including domestic violence, ice addiction, war and unemployment. For many students, his visit is imperative for ensuring their engagement (and subsequent success) in their senior poetry studies.

Regarded as a working class poet, Goodfellow’s work is used by many schools; in fact, he is listed on the senior English syllabuses in Tasmania and New South Wales. Our students will explore and deconstruct a selection of his works in their respective English classes throughout this term.

Opportunities for our students to attend live performances are rare, especially during COVID times. Accordingly, we are particularly grateful that Geoff again made time available in his busy national and international touring schedule to visit Port Lincoln High School.

~ Mrs Holly Dufek (Senior Leader: English/HASS/Languages)

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