Governing Council Community Voice (May)

Dear PLHS families,

Your Governing Council met again earlier this week, and our notes follow.

Daymap, a new learner management system (and family communication tool) is on the way and will replace SEQTA. With a host of easy-to-use functions for students and parents to access, the app will be activated soon for parents; please keep an eye out for updates from the school. Handy hint: our students are already using it, so ask your tech savvy child to assist you!

Can you remember a teacher who made a lasting difference for you when you were at school? Please take a moment to consider that dedicated educators tirelessly commit to our children, innovating and improving the ways in which to teach so our children learn. Teachers and leaders often work quietly, with unwavering dedication, always focusing on enhancing educational opportunities and experiences for students. You (parents, students, community members) can acknowledge and encourage their efforts by nominating a teacher or education leader for the National Excellence in Teaching Award (NEiTA):

  • go to to nominate a special teacher or leader; it will only take a few minutes to make a difference
  • award winners can receive up to $10,000 to advance their careers and enhance their teaching methods and student learning experiences; they are also invited to connect, share and learn from fellow recipients and create a community of exceptional educators; recipients are celebrated in a special ceremony, recognising their dedication and achievements in education

“Onward and Upward”: Our Principal Student Leaders – Prapti Pai and Dre Vlassco – are leading a change process to restructure and revitalise the school’s Student Representative Council (SRC). With their emphasis on promoting students with a passion for student voice and leadership actions, the SRC nominations are in process with more activity to follow. You may be interested to know that Dre is currently devising and producing a Year 12 Art major project that symbolises the journey of PLHS students, their learning connections that build success and learner agency (the feeling of control and ownership). Once completed, a version of his design will be incorporated into PLHS staff polo tops, to be worn with pride to promote the school’s strength through diversity.

A shout out to PLHS for proudly hosting the SA Government’s Eyre Peninsula Country Cabinet last night. With 250 registered guests in attendance, this event presented a great opportunity for community members to speak about the issues that matter to them; Governing Council also took the opportunity to represent the school’s interests.

The Department for Education’s Chief Executive, Martin Westwell also visited PLHS this week. With an impressive international record of educational leadership and reform, Martin was keen to tap into the school’s evolving program of learner success and excellence through learner agency.

Take a deep breath before reading on, because you might be surprised…

Did you know that between 2012-2021?

  • the Commonwealth Government’s capital investment in public schools was less than half (42.5%) of private school capital investment – a difference of $2.17 billion
  • the average annual spend per student was $949 in public schools, and $2,232 in private schools
  • ten private schools in SA spent more on capital works ($508.5 million) than all 155 of the lowest quartile Index of Community Socioeconomic Advantage public schools combined
  • SA public school funding is currently 95% of the Schools Resources Standard (SRS) – this is the agreed minimum Commonwealth recurrent funding requirement – whilst private schools are funded at 100%, sometimes with additional funding on top (e.g. $806 million from the Commonwealth in 2023)
  • two out of every three schools in Australia are public, yet struggle to be funded adequately
  • the number of public school students has increased by 160,000 between 2015-2022, with a further projection by the Commonwealth of an additional 160,000 by 2029

Your Governing Council is deeply concerned about the divide that exists due to current funding arrangements. A full investment in public education is an investment in the provision of an accessible, equitable and quality education for our children and your community. The Governing Council continues to pursue this matter and welcomes your feedback and support.

Our next meeting is on Wednesday June 19th commencing at 6:30pm in the Specialist Building (access via Ruskin Road). We welcome your interest and invite you to come along.

Enjoy this glorious autumn weather and welcome the rain when it comes.

~ Brian Gabb (PLHS Governing Council Chairperson)

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