Governing Council Community Voice (March)

Following the school’s Sports Day – which was a cracking day, mixing fun and competition with high student participation and a strong community presence – your Governing Council and PLHS staff teamed up to host an Open Night yesterday.

With the sun shining, the school’s Stage Band playing funky tunes, and the sausages sizzling, a steady stream of families and community members enjoyed a snapshot of the many learning and developmental opportunities that the school provides for our students.  We hope you were able to come and thank all who supported the event.  In particular, we loved the manner in which many students guided and connected their families and friends to their teachers and learning areas; we welcomed grandparents and other family and community members alike.

Why Open Night?  Port Lincoln (public) High School serves the community.  This means that our school is always open to all who wish to pursue an inclusive education, one that respects and values diversity and the advantages of innovative pathways for learning, personal development and employment, the key for Port Lincoln’s future.  Please come along to our next event and bring your community friends.

Opportunity was the thread for last night’s Governing Council meeting; we thought you’d like to know that:

  • We welcomed guest speaker Mr. Greg Barry, Chairperson of the Port Lincoln chapter of the Community Education Foundation (CEF).  Greg spoke passionately of the opportunities for schools and community to support local youth (aged 16-25) to access tertiary education and vocational training.  In partnership with CEF Australia, community and other industry groups, the plan is to provide funds for scholarships and grants to assist regional youth to manage costs related to post-schooling pathways.
  • Our Principal Student Leaders spoke about their recent progress in developing opportunities for student voice by re-designing the school’s Student Representative Council (SRC); great work thus far, Prapti and Dre.
  • Our newly constructed outdoor gym (fitness and play station) is open and already being well utilised by students. Initiated to provide more lunchtime options targeting Year 7 students, the PE staff have maximised the opportunity to include fitness and strength stations. The good news is that more is to come as budgets allow.
  • Principal Craig Akehurst and his vocational pathways team are exploring exciting opportunities for PLHS students to access learning and skill development via the recently announced Port Augusta Technical College. In a nutshell, PLHS senior students will be totally funded to participate in blocks of learning/training that will be accredited by university and industry.
  • A pat on the back!  PLHS has received some very positive feedback from the independent External School Review Team commending PLHS directions, leadership and staff teamwork that translates into learner success through a differentiated curriculum.  PLHS pins student success on the mutually dependent principles of equity and excellence. The review findings will shortly be posted on the school’s website for all to consider.
  • From the start of Term 2, Daymap will replace SEQTA as the school’s learner management system and communication platform for students and families. Daymap offers the same menus (timetables, assessments, reports, messages, notices etc.) and will operate easily via a free app. More information and transition support for staff, students and families to come.

Happy Easter everyone, and a reminder that Thursday March 28th is a Student Free Day whilst staff undertake further professional development with Daymap.

Our next GC meeting is scheduled for Wednesday May 8th – new or prospective members are very welcome to come along.

~ Brian Gabb (Chairperson, PLHS Governing Council)

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