Five Actors/139 Characters/”The 39 Steps”

Congratulations to Mrs Lynn Campbell and the amazing cast and crew who earlier this week delivered several performances of this year’s Senior Drama Production, “The 39 Steps”. The show, adapted from the 1915 novel by John Buchan and the 1935 film by Alfred Hitchcock, cleverly combined elements from the comedy, spy, murder and thriller genres.

Incredibly, the play’s 139 characters were covered by only five actors! Congratulations to Year 12 Drama students Liam Cowley, Samantha Stefanek, Skye Lugg and Chris Brown, and Year 11 Kye Dixon, on their skilful and enthusiastic performances. Well done also to the technical crew (Mrs Helen Marks, Quinn Dutschke, Andre Stefanek, Zac Kroezen, Billy Wheare) and backstage crew (Katie Freak and Courtney Shepherdson) for their outstanding support of the on-stage action.

Another theatrical triumph!

The following gallery contains images of the entire show from start to finish – please enjoy “The 39 Steps” in seventy photos…

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