Fantastic Fun at Ultimate Frisbee Comp

Last term, Port Lincoln High School sent two teams to compete in an Ultimate Frisbee competition.

Representing PLHS in the boys’ division were Sam B, Billy, Ryan, Dwyatt, Matthew, Max, Tyson, Sam D, Taylor, Jayden and Jye. Displaying fair play, excellent teamwork, keen tactics and resilience throughout the event, the team battled both their opponents and the wind with grit and determination.

The highlight of our tournament was battling the eventual second placed team, Cummins 2 – this match went all the way down to the wire, with our boys just going down by the narrowest of margins. Special mentions to Jye for being the ultimate good sport, Billy for taking many catches worthy of a highlight reel, Sam D for some fantastic defensive efforts and Taylor for his enthusiasm and leadership throughout the carnival.

Thanks for a fantastic day, boys!

~ Mr. Joshua Partington (Boys Coach)

Our girls’ team was just as impressive! Due to a variety of reasons, we had three players and one scorer from Port Lincoln High School. This ended up being a wonderful experience as our girls played with many different people from other schools.

Paige Fisher, Jaya Dixon, Holly Mitchelson and Alexis Anderson did our school very proud. They were fair, friendly, tenacious and so much fun. We won’t talk about score lines, but the important thing is that the girls (and their teacher) learned a lot.

~ Mrs. Joh Walding (Girls Coach)

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