English & Drama Classes Experience “Euphoria”

Earlier this month, our Year 11 and 12 English students, along with the Year 10/11/12 Drama students, attended the SA State Theatre Company’s production of Euphoria at the Nautilus Theatre.

Written by Emily Steel, the play is set in a fictional South Australian regional town and explores a range of relevant themes for our young people; these include mental health, finding ambition, small town gossip, reputations and dealing with grief. Two virtuosic actors – Ashton Malcom and James Smith – played a range of eccentric characters to present a timely story of pain, growth and humour.

After the show, the two actors returned to the stage for a half-hour question and answer session. The audience learned that Steele had written the play after real conversations between herself and people who live in regional communities. Mrs. Helen Marks’ senior Drama students remained for further interaction with the talented crew.

Our students were highly engaged throughout and should be commended for their excellent audience skills. Many commented on the incredible parallels between the play and our own Port Lincoln community.

~ Ms Holly Dufek (Senior leader: English/HASS/Languages)

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