Eight Straight for the Team in Green

In what has become an all-too-familiar tale in recent years, Eyre House has again dominated Port Lincoln High School’s annual SportsDay; the team in green recorded their eighth straight victory in 2019. After securing the Standards Trophy in the lead-up to today’s event, Eyre led from start to finish, overcoming a solid performance throughout the day from Stamford and a late run from Grantham.

Final Standings – SportsDay 2019:

  • 1st: Eyre (1,681 points)
  • 2nd: Stamford (1,581 points)
  • 3rd: Grantham (1,515 points)
  • 4th: Flinders (1,368 points)

Many impressive individual performances were posted throughout the day; congratulations to the following Age Champions, who will spearhead an imposing group of athletes heading to Ravendale on Monday March 18th (Week 8) to represent PLHS at the annual WASSAC regional athletics carnival.

Age Champions – Female:

  • Under 14 Girls: Winner Anna Te Wano (Eyre/38 points) & Runner-up Amelia Stevens (Eyre/36 points)
  • Under 15 Girls: Winner Billie Jenkins (Grantham/54 points) & Runner-up Madison Clifton (Eyre/37 points)
  • Under 16 Girls: Winner Mardia Enge (Eyre/40 points) & Runner-up Kiana Stafford (Flinders/36 points)
  • Open Girls: Winner Ella Stevens (Eyre/60 points) & Runners-up Talia Robinson (Stamford/41 points)

Age Champions – Male:

  • Under 14 Boys: Winner Saben Batterbury (Stamford/44 points) & Runner-up Kyle Greene (Stamford/33 points)
  • Under 15 Boys: Winner Tait Appleton (Flinders/42 points) & Runner-up Brody Waters (Stamford/38 points)
  • Under 16 Boys: Winner Dannen Blacker (Stamford/57 points) & Runner-up Max Rogalski (Grantham/50 points)
  • Open Boys: Winner Justin Carey (Eyre/47 points) & Runner-up Dylan Giesberts (Flinders/42 points)

Kellie Lessue (Grantham) and Connor Marshall (Eyre) earned Participation Awards in recognition of outstanding efforts for their respective houses.

In an attempt to boost participation numbers, this year’s SportsDay featured a host of new events; the busy schedule included team sports such as basketball, football and netball, a skateboard/scooter competition at the Skate Park and fun challenges throughout the day such as water-based games. Despite the hot conditions, a noticeable increase in student (and parent) attendance would indicate that event organisers are onto a promising formula – special mentions must go to Miss Yasmin Stewart, Mrs Joh Walding, Mrs Marianne Cox and the HPE Faculty for their outstanding efforts in ensuring the overall success of SportsDay 2019.

Congratulations to all participating staff and students on another enjoyable day of healthy competition.

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