Educators and Industry Unite for Breakfast

In an exciting new partnership endeavour, PLHS hosted a breakfast event yesterday, where educators, Chamber of Commerce representatives, hospitality industry professionals and employment agencies met with the intention of forming an “industry partners committee”.

The intention of the committee is to map a clear pathway for students interested in a career in hospitality. Forming partnerships with industry professionals will allow Port Lincoln High School to create a ‘flexible industry pathway’, where students will be able to develop specific skills to ensure they are ‘job ready’ through industry immersion opportunities.

The development of the hospitality industry pathway is a collaborative effort between the Department for Education, Port Lincoln High School and industry representatives, and is designed to bridge the gap between school students and employment opportunities. Yesterday’s delicious breakfast, prepared and served by our Stage 1 Kitchen Operations students, was an excellent start.

~ Mrs Monique Rogalski (Food & Hospitality teacher)

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