Dress-up Day: Tutu/Tie Tuesday (22.02.2022)

After a challenging start to the 2022 school year, it’s time for a bit of harmless fun…

The (palindromic) date this coming Tuesday is 22.02.2022. To celebrate the occasion, PLHS staff and students are invited to wear a tutu and/or a tie. Bring some colour, some pizazz and a whole lot of fun to commemorate this once-in-a-lifetime date; this could even be a trial run for our postponed SportsDay…

Don’t forget – TUTUS and TIES on TUESDAY.

Looking forward to seeing some crazy outfits on 22.02.2022,

From Mrs Woods & the Wellbeing Team

* Richie Benaud illustration credit (pre-tutus): Lucy Fahey (ABC News)

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